Programa de los Simposios.

Programa General ICO 2023, Merida, Mexico, 16-19 october 2023

1. - Ludivina Barrientos Lozano, Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. Current Research on the Central American Locust (CAL) in Northern Mexico.
2.- Michael R. Kearney, University of Melbourne, Australia. Applying new science to old problems with Australian grasshoppers.
3.- Piotr Naskrecki, Harvard University, USA. Orthoptera in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.
4.- Fernando Montealegre-Zapata, Lincoln University, England. Sounds of love for tinny listeners: the biophysics of sound production and hearing in Ensifera
5. Robin Tinghitella, University of Denver, USA. The origins of novelty in communication between the sexes.

1.- Impact of Climate change and new approaches on management of the central American locust. Ludivina Barrientos, Aurora Rocha and Mario Poot
2.- Current Orthoptera Research in Latin America. Celeste Scattolini, Ricardo Mariño and Salomón Sanabría.
3.- Orthoptera Conservation. Axel Hochkirch.
4.- New vision on locust and grasshopper management. Long Zhang, David Hunter and Mario Poot
5.- Management and implementation of regional and national programs for locust management. Hector Medina, David Hunter and Mario Poot
6.- Mycopesticides for locust control. Mohamed Lemine Hamouny.
7.- Recent advances in locust phase polyphenism research. Hojun Song and Bert Foquet.
8.- Systematics and Phylogenetics. Martina Pocco, María Marta Cigliano, Martín Husemann, and Lara-Sophie Dey
9.- Anthropogenic impacts on acoustically signalling orthopterans. Rohini Balakrishna
10.- The Effect of Human Activities on Orthoptera. David Hunter.

1.- Systematic and molecular biology
2.- Development and physiology
3.- Population biology and Management
4.- Biodiversity, biogeography and Ecology
5.- Behavior and communication

1.- Advancements on digital tools for the orthopterist community: Introduction to a new version of Orthoptera Species File and to HopperWiki, a new information repository for global stakeholders. Maria Marta Cigliano, María Cabrera, Martina Pocco, Rick Overson and Mira Word.
2.- Introduction to geospatial tools to improve locust monitoring. Mario Poot, Claudia Lomas, Daniel Piste, Gonzalo Chí, and Gabriela Alcalá.

1.- National Meeting of the Locust Campaign in Mexico. SENASICA.

2.- American Continental Meeting of the GICSV Group. OIRSA.

3.- Orthoptera Society Board Meeting. OS.

Programa general

Conferencistas magistrales

Con gran placer anunciamos a los conferencistas magistrales del  14º CIO:

  • Dr. Ludivina Barrientos-Lozano

    Tecnológico Nacional de México
    Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Victoria
    Tamaulipas, México

  • Dr Michael Kearney

    University of Melbourne
    Victoria, Australia

  • Dr Piotr Naskrecki

    Harvard University
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

  • Dr Robin Tinghitella

    Department of Biological Sciences
    University of Denver
    Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Dr Fernando Montealegre-Zapata

    Department of Life Sciences, Lincoln University
    Lincoln, England, UK

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