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The Local Committee would like to invite the Orthopterists and the scientific community working on different aspects related to orthopteran species to participate.

This congress will be organized under the title “Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management.” The Congress will be organized in collaboration with National and International Plant Protection Agencies, and teaching-research institutions of Mexico.

Plenary lectures, symposia, oral presentations, and poster sessions will be organized for Orthopterists and scientific community to exchange ideas and advances under this overall subject. We encourage proposals of symposia in a wide variety of topics such as: biodiversity & phylogeny, invasive species, taxonomy and molecular systematics, functional genomics, biology & behavior, plant-orthopteran interactions, orthoptera as key indicators, evolution & population dynamics, environmental impact of chemicals and alternative control tactics,  modelling, environmental protection, biological control & new bio-rational insecticides, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems & Sustainable Management

Symposia are to focus on a common theme with at least three participants from different institutions. Presentation length must be between 15 and 25 minutes with time for questions and at least 10 minutes at the end of the symposium for discussion. A symposium will typically last 2 hours and have a maximum of 7 speakers, but the time and number of speakers could be increased if, at the time the symposium is proposed, more is requested. The symposium organizer should make sure that the speakers submit an abstract during the call for abstracts and fulfill the registration to the congress.

Requirements for Symposium proposals

Proposals for symposia should be sent as a PDF document and should include the following information:


Contact Information

Organizer (s) Name (s), Affiliation and complete contact information including email

Description of the theme

Justification and description (maximum one page)


List of speakers (name, affiliation and email), and presentation titles


Logistic requirements (specific needs for internet or anything else)

Send Information

Proposals for symposia should be sent by the form at the end of this page or by email to:


The local organizing committee is not responsible to support speakers’ travel expense to the meeting. Preference may be given to proposals for which organizers can demonstrate that funds are likely to be available.

If your working group has further propositions of workshops or special meetings, please do not hesitate to contact us providing all information. We will try our best to accommodate appropriate requests.

The possibility of having 1-2 video presentations per symposium will be analyzed, with the requirement of the author’s connection at the end for the section of questions.


31th March 2023

Deadline for Symposium submission or other propositions (workshop, meeting, forum etc)

16th July 2023

Deadline for Abstracts submission

Send your Proposal

    If your file is over 6MB please send it by email to:

    For too large files (over 25MB)  you can use WETRANSFER service. Click here

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